So, what is LRJ Writing & Editing Services? LRJ stands for Lara R. Jackson.

I’m an award-winning freelance writer and editor with more than 15 years of experience in the following fields/industries:

  • Nonprofit healthcare associations — where I worked on a variety of communications vehicles including newsletter articles, which included research and interviews; promotional copy such as Web site content, press releases and email blasts; testing bulletins. I also served as a media contact for the association. Additionally, I assisted in the print and digital layout and editing.
  • Local news organizations (newspapers and magazines) — experience writing/editing a variety of articles including features on such topics as arts/entertainment, local businesses, charities and fundraisers.
  • Specialized magazines/business-to-business magazines — have written articles for State Aviation Journal and Airport Improvement Magazine along with nonprofit health care association’s newsletters. I have also written feature and news articles for engineering and home furnishings business to business magazines.
  • Newsletters – written in-house specialty newsletters
  • Digital content – written and edited Web site and other digital content for a variety of clients

Other experience:

  • Well-versed in Associated Press and American Medical Association editing styles along with familiarity working with in-house editing styles.
  • Excellent research and interviewing skills, ability to build great rapport with individuals of all career levels
  • Ability to learn and comprehend a plethora of subjects and quickly – I take great pride in having the ability to learn new subjects and comprehend them in a short amount of time, but if I have questions I always ask because that’s how you learn
  • Keen eye for detail — both editorially and visually for both print and digital publications

What Are Your Written Communications Needs?

I’m always interested in gaining new clients and assignments. I’m especially in more digital opportunities, especially writing for the Web or a blog.

Contact me to discuss:

Mon.-Fri. 10 am-6pm CST

Sat. 10 am – 3 pm CST


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